Our founder Jack Taylor didn't just talk about his founding values when he started his personal enterprise back in 1957 — he and his team lived them. They set the example through a personal commitment to the company and its customers. Those values have served as the foundation for Enterprise's growth and success over the last five decades. And today, they are more critical to our business than ever.

Over the years, we have formalized the values into a set of guiding principles that each and every employee can understand and embrace. We created the Enterprise Cultural Compass as a tool to help our employees live out these crucial values. And in 2003, we took yet another step by establishing the Jack Taylor Founding Values Award, a program designed to recognize the offices across the globe that best exemplify the founding values through their efforts in the key areas of the cultural compass.

Our brand is the most valuable thing we own
Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success
Customer service is our way of life
Enterprise is a fun and friendly place, where teamwork rules
We work hard ... and we reward hard work
Great things happen when we listen ... to our customers and to each other
We strengthen our communities, one neighbourhood at a time
Our doors are open